Ruled By Secrecy

Just Dan and Phil, Muse and other stuff. i don't know what to put here.


My favorite thing about gaming videos is that Dan seems just as excited and interested as we do when Phil is about to curse or make an innuendo. 

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shoutout to the friends that still like me

all two of you

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  • INFJ: Easygoing + Softie
  • ISTJ: Easygoing + Optimist
  • ISFJ: Easygoing + Buddy
  • INFP: Easygoing + Dreamer
  • INTJ: Independent + Free Spirit
  • ISFP: Independent + Artist
  • ISTP: Independent + Lone Wolf
  • INTP: Independent + Thinker
  • ESFJ: Outgoing + Trendsetter
  • ESFP: Outgoing + Entertainer
  • ENFJ : Outgoing + Charmer
  • ENTJ: Outgoing + Leader
  • ENTP: Confident + Designer
  • ENFP: Confident + Adventurer
  • ESTJ: Confident + Braniac
  • ESTP: Confident + Go-getter


she never looked back and never landed

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Thank you Brazil for an amazing trip. We love you all and can’t wait to come back!


I am done.

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